Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cotswolds Country hotels for outdoor attractions

There are a surprising number of great outdoor attractions in the Cotswolds - there is so much to do for guests in Cotswolds Country Hotels. Not surprisingly, many of them focus on farming and wildlife.

More outdoor attractions from Cotswolds Country Hotels

Cotswold Farm ParkPerhaps the best known outdoor attraction these days is the Cotswold Farm Park which is farmed by the BBC Countryfile presenter, Adam Henson. It has always been a hot spot for families with toddlers but these days attractions a much wider age group, including lots of ‘Adam’ fans.

Cotswolds Country Hotels reach across the region - to the Oxfordshire Cotswolds where the Wildlife Park offers the surreal sight of white rhinos on a Cotswold lawn, amongst many other animals - and soem superb gardens. A great day out.
Hotels in the CotswoldsFurther south there’s Cattle Country, which might sound like a Wild West movie, but in fact turns out to be a large adventure park that is a real hit with families. A newer venture which provides an activity not usually associated with Cotswolds Country Hotels is 417 Bike Park on Crickley Hill, near Cheltenham. Basically a mountain biking haven, it is giving second thoughts to anyone who thinks of the Cotswolds as all abut historic gardens and afternoon tea.
In the South Cotswolds, visitors are also often surprised by by the Cotswolds Water Park, where over 40 square miles of lakes offer everything from waterskiing to zipwires.

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